Ethiopia’s national park gets boost from UNINESCO – Journal du Cameroun

Ethiopia’s national park gets boost from UNINESCO – Journal du Cameroun

Ethiopia’s national park gets boost from UNINESCO

Published on 15.05.2019 at 13h21 by APA News

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Secretariat has released initial emergency assistance budget for Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park as part of its effort to rehabilitate the the park.Located  in northern part of the country, Simien Mountains National Park is one  of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and more than 10,000 hectares of its  forest resources was destroyed by wild fire last month.

The  initial assistance is meant for the hiring of international and local  experts to assess the situation and make recommendations on future  actions to protect the park by benchmarking best practices, according to  Ethiopian Embassy in Paris, France.

However, the amount of UNESCO’s intial financial support has not been yet  disclosed.

The wild fire was put under control with the support of fire fighting helicopters from neighboring Kenya.

The  wild fire was allegedly set  by some individulas who are currently  under investigation by courts in the Amhara regional state.

In  a related development, representatives from Ethiopia, France, UNESCO  World Heritage Centre, International Council on Monuments and Sites  (ICOMOS) and ICCROM on the safeguard of the Rock-Hewn Churches of  Lalibela met at the UNESCO Headquarters today.

The  meeting was conducted with the aim of assessing the state of Lalibela, a  world heritage site, and looking for solutions of preserving the  peculiar tourist site.

On  the occasion, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to France, Henok Teferra was qouted  as saying that the joint team of Ethiopian and French experts will  evaluate the state of the world heritage site to come up with solution  for the preservation of site.

French  president Emmanuel Macron last March assured Ethiopian Prime Minister  Abiy Ahmed that France would extend technical and financial support  to  preserve the site.

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